Episode 1:

Best Software to Host a Virtual Event

Virtual Events - best software
  • How industry leaders think about virtual experiences and technology
  • What experiences virtual event and exhibit software can enable you to create
  • What industry leaders consider when picking their technology solution

Episode 2:

Creating an Engaging Virtual Event

Virtual Events - Engagement

  • Which kinds of content are the most engaging
  • How to create content with 360-degree exposure
  • How to generate revenue and value from content

Episode 3:

How to Monetize Your Virtual Event

Monetize your virtual event

  • How to build hybrid (Physical and Digital) revenue-generating communities
  • How to build an engaging digital product showcase to monetize digital events
  • What the future of events will look like as society reopens

Episode 4:

The Most Inspiring And Dreadful Virtual Experiences

Virtual Experiences and Events
  • The importance of content, and subject matter experts
  • The use of technology to create more engaging experiences
  • How to delight your audience with unexpected elements like gamification or surprise guests

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